Tổng hợp 13 dạng đảo ngữ trong tiếng Anh (phần 2)

Trong phần trước, IELTS Defeating đã giới thiệu đến các bạn 6 dạng đảo ngữ trong tiếng Anh, và dưới đây là các dạng đảo ngữ còn lại trong ngữ pháp tiếng Anh mà bạn cần biết.


Dạng 7: đảo ngữ no sooner … than …/ hardly … when

No sooner + Auxiliary + S + V (inf) + than … / Hardly … + Auxiliary + S + V (inf) + when …

VD: No sooner had I left the building than my wallet got stolen by a thief.

Hardly had I walked outside when it rained.

Dạng 8: đảo ngữ với not only … but … also

Not only + Auxiliary + S + V (inf) + but + S + also + V

VD: Not only is he a talented singer but he also draws beautifully.

Not only did she give the homeless man $50 but she also bought him a meal.

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Dạng 9: đảo ngữ với not until/ only when

Not until/only when + clause/phrase + + Auxiliary + S + V (inf)

VD: Not until the evening did I find Amy’s house.

Only when she shouted out loud did I hear what she was trying to say across the crowd.

Dạng 10: đảo ngữ với so/such

So + adj + be + S + that … / Such + be + N + that …

VD: So angry was her that she bursted out in tear.

Such a gorgeous dress that she could not take her eyes off it.

Dạng 11: đảo ngữ với neither

Neither + Auxiliary + S + V (inf)

VD: Neither did she clean the house nor fold the clothes.

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Neither did I go to school nor stay at home that morning.

Dạng 12: đảo ngữ với nowhere

Nowhere + Auxiliary + S + V (inf)

VD: nowhere could the ring be found.

Nowhere could she go other than her parents’ house.

Dạng 13: đảo ngữ với câu điều kiện

câu đảo ngữ điều kiện

  • Điều kiện loại 1

Should + S + V, clause

VD: Should you go to the market, you will see Allen working there.

Should he calls you, please tell him to contact me as soon as possible.

  • Điều kiện loại 2:

Were + S + to V, clause

VD: Were I to speak Spanish, I would apply for that job.

Were I you, I would talk to her first.

  • Điều kiện loại 3:

Had + S + V (pp)

VD: Had I closed the door before I left, the butterflies would not have been able to fly inside.

Had you listened to what I was saying, you would have known how to get out of your trouble.

Had I known you were about to buy a new vase, I would have gone with you and helped you pick one.

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